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My Good Place

Come on in, the future is good!

My Good Place: Magic Window

Using the Magic Leap MR Headset, create new windows in your home by just pointing and clicking! You can place windows in your home on any vertical surface, choose from many window styles, and choose what you see out the windows with many environments to choose from. The video doesn't do this justice,  you have to see it for yourself!

My Good Place

The full "My Good Place" app will be much more than just windows! You can fully customize the appearance of your home, changing your floor coverings, paint color, adding posters and clocks and other items, even remove walls altogether! Designed for a future where people wear AR/MR headsets on a daily basis.

What's next:

We have many experiments we are working on for the future of My Good Place.  Here's an example, a test that can change your shag carpeting to hardwood flooring. This is being run on a ZED Mini passthrough AR headset, since it really needs a larger field of view than just windows.

Contact us! We'd love to hear from you.

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